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Sabma - Oreka Trainer



You can stand up to sprint or climb; our innovative rear fixation device will keep you on the belt and allow your real riding movement.

Our engineering team has work very closely with professional riders to produce a device that permits all riding terrains, climbing or flats, for indoor cycling.

It gets harder when you climb and softens on the flats, so you can have the same feelings you have on the road.

Easy to go and stand up on the bike

Easy to stand up when you are climbing or sprinting

Easy to stop by braking or stop pedaling

Summarizing, the movement on Oreka is totally natural.

Furthermore, you can do your training sessions no matter the power you need.

And our safety sensor fixated at the rear will stop the belt if necessary to provide secure pedaling.

                                                                     OREKA’S KEY CONCEPTS

Oreka Training inside is NOT like a treadmill. The bicycle is supported by rollers, because this system allows the cyclist to move the belt under like you moved the road underneath in the real world, and it is not the belt that moves the cyclist.

The cyclist has control over the belt.

Oreka Training technology consists of an electromagnetic system that regulates the belt’s resistance. It permits the measurement of power in real time and the regulation of the resistance. It gets the power you need to pedal any route.

It also has an electronic system that measures the cyclist’s speed, resistance, and power in real time.

The rear clamp has two functions: its sensor checks the cyclist’s force, and it detects if the cyclist is on the bicycle. It thereby orders the belt to stop when the cyclist stops, avoiding falls and offering a secure system.

Oreka Training establishes bidirectional communication with standard simulation software.

This way, you can travel through any place in the world in a virtual way from your home.

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