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5 Feb 2018
Stanís NoTubes Introduces Crest CB7 and Arch CB7 Rims and Wheelsets
New: the Stan's Notubes Crest CB7 and Arch CB7 rims and wheels!

Stanís NoTubes is proud to introduce the new Crest CB7 and Arch CB7 carbon rims. Building on the success of the Valor, Bravo and Podium SRD wheelsets, Stanís new CB7 carbon rims offer 10mm of radial compliance  to absorb impacts, damp vibration and roll faster. The Crest CB7 and Arch CB7 are available as individual rims or as part of complete wheelsets.


At 325g, the Crest CB7 is among the lightest rims available for cross country racing. Its 23mm internal width makes it ideal for todayís wider cross country tires without adding unnecessary weight.

Designed for trail riding, the new Arch CB7 has an interior width of 26mm, making it perfect for todayís trail tires.

Crest CB7 and Arch CB7 rims and wheelsets will be available in February. CB7 rims and wheelsets will be available from dealers, distributors and directly from Stanís NoTubes.

RiACT Design

The real competitive advantage of the Crest CB7s and Arch CB7s comes from their special RiACT lay-up and rim shape. As the first company to design laterally stiff but radially compliant carbon rims, Stanís NoTubes understands the performance advantages of a properly engineered carbon rim. Both new rims are created using a high impact resistant nano-elastomer resin for greater overall rim strength and can deflect up to 10mm radially to soak up speed-robbing impacts, all while being laterally stiffer than aluminum rims. Thanks to impact absorbing RiACT technology, both the Crest CB7s and Arch CB7s roll easier and with less resistance. Their design virtually eliminates tire pinch flats.

Bead Socket Technology

Like all Stanís rims, the Bead Socket Technology (BST) of the Crest CB7 and Arch CB7 set the standard for easy tubeless setup and reliability. The patented shape of BST rims not only allows tires to make airtight seals more quickly and easily, but it maintains that seal more securely, even at lower pressures. The low-profile design of BST rims also means less weight, stronger sidewalls and a more effective tire shape.

A Smart Build and Custom Options

Crest CB7 and Arch CB7 rims will be available in 28-hole and 32-hole configurations. Both will be available in several stock 28-hole wheel builds, as well as custom configurations in seven different colors, 28 or 32-hole lacing, and hubs to fit nearly every axle spacing. Additional options include Centerlock or 6-bolt disc mounts, and Shimano, SRAM XD, or OneUp freehubs. Each stock wheelset is laced with Sapim Force j-bend spokes in lengths and diameters readily available at most shops. They are also built using Sapimís Secure Lock mechanically locking alloy nipples for trouble-free riding.

The latest generation of Neo hubs include a Durasync six-pawl freehub with fast 10-degree engagement and triple freehub bearings to better distribute axle load. The 100% CNC-machined hub shell and smoother-rolling centerless ground axle ensure long life and reliable performance.

Warranty and Crash Replacement

Crest CB7 and Arch CB7 rims and wheelsets are automatically covered under Stanís two-year carbon warranty program. Owners who register their wheelsets get five years of warranty coverage. All registered rims and wheelsets are also covered by Stanís lifetime crash replacement.

Crest CB7

Use: Cross Country Racing

Internal Rim Width: 23.0 mm

Optimal Tire Sizes: 2.00Ē to 2.25Ē

Hubs: Stanís Neo with Durasync 28-hole Front, 28-hole Rear

Spokes/Nipples: Sapim Force Black 2.0/1.7/1.8mm, Sapim Secure Lock Alloy Black

Wheel Weights and Sizes: 1,452g (29Ē)
Price: 649€/rim , 1599€/wheelset

Arch CB7

Use: Trail, All-Mountain and Enduro Racing

Internal Rim Width: 26 mm

Optimal Tire Sizes: 2.25Ē to 2.50Ē

Hubs: Stanís Neo with Durasync 28-hole Front, 28-hole Rear

Spokes/Nipples: Sapim Race Black 2.0/1.8/2.0mm, Sapim Secure Lock Alloy Black

Wheel Weights and Sizes: 1720g (27.5Ē) / 1794g (29Ē)
Price: 649€/rim , 1599€/wheelset