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18 Jan 2018
IRC Tire proud to be the sponsor of the Vini Fantini cycling team
Presentation Nippo Vini Fantini: our IRC Tires also under the spotlights!

A big presentation, of a team, of a project with ethics and values. This was the NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini big presentation in Chieti on Saturday 13th of January.

Many Sports Guest, Authorities, international sponsor coming from Japan and representing one of the two souls of the first & only Italian-Japanese Professional team. The other big soul is Italian, with a special hearth of Abruzzo, represented on the stage by Valentino Sciotti and Gabriele Marchesani, CEO of the two big title sponsors, Vini Fantini and Europa Ovini. The Abruzzo’s fans gave a big welcome to al the Japanese guest, especially to Mr Hiromi Iwata, the CEO of NIPPO Corporation, arrived from Tokyo together with other important sponsors as Aisan and IRC


On the stage the topic moments are dedicate dot the two leaders of the team, Damiano Cunego and Marco Canola. Today presentation has been the last one of the career of Damiano Cunego, with also a celebrating video surprise that created a very emotional moment. These the words of Damiano Cunego"An incredible emotion, today I collected many successes in my career today to watch again the most important have been wonderful, together with my "big #OrangeBlue family” composed by friends, sponsors and fans.Now is time for the last very important months, I hope I can do other good things.”

Marco Canola, the confirmed leader comes from his best season ever. Many successes reached in 2017, ambitious goals for the 2018, here his words: "Yes I come from a 2017 that represents by best season ever as a Professional rider, but we are yet working hard for a great 2018.In my opinion if we work hard and together we could also improve our results as a team, because in my opinion this is the best roster we ever had as NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini team.”

With them all the confirmed Italian & Japanese riders and the 9 new athletes, many of them very young and Neo-Pro, that discovered how many fans has the team today. 

About the team is Mario Manzoni speaking, as Sports Director of the NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini team: "The 2018 roster is a very balanced mix of experience and young talent. Half riders has been confirmed and knows very well our method of working. The other half is new, with new determination, with new young combativeness. As new riders We will have the experience of Simone Ponzi, Hatsuyama and Yoshida. Many new young talents as Imerio Cima, Filippo Zaccanti, Damiano Cima, Marco Tizza, Hiroki Nishimura, Joan Bou. A very strong and balanced mix.”


Il roster 2018 del team NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini:

The Champion: Damiano Cunego.

The leaderMarco Canola.

Complete ridersSimone Ponzi, Marco Tizza, Nicola Bagioli.

Important supporting riders: Kohei Uchima , Alan Marangoni.

Sprinters: Eduard Grosu, Imerio Cima , Hayato Yoshida.

Climbers: Ivan Santaromita, Hideto Nakane, Masakazu Ito, Filippo Zaccanti, Sho Hatsuyama, Joan Bou.

All-rouders: Damiano Cima, Marino Kobayashi, Hiroki Nishimura.